Gat Sport Beta-Alanine supplementation has been shown to increase muscle carnosine levels which lead to improved physical performance during high-intensity exercise.  Gat Beta-Alanine can help you knock out more reps!

Gat Sport Beta-Alanine features:

  • Increases muscle carnosine concentrations
  • Carnosine is an anti-oxidant peptide which is your bodies first line of defence against the build up of hydrogen ions during high intensity exercise
  • A rise in hydrogen dramatically lowers the pH within muscle cells causing fatigue
  • In simple terms beta alanine is a lactic acid buffer which delays fatigue
  • Performance benefits of beta-alanine are based upon raising muscle carnosine concentrations over time. Thus the time of the day isn’t nearly as important as consistently consuming beta alanine daily.

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Gat Essentials Beta Alanine 200g

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