Blended Protein

Blended Protein

A protein powder that contains multiple sources of protein such as whey and casein, combined together to provide you with the benefits of multiple formulas in one multi-phase blend!

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What is blended protein?

Blended protein is a multi-phase release protein formula that offers you a mixture of fast, intermediate, and slow-release proteins. This usually comes in the form of a powdered protein formula containing a source of whey protein, egg, as well as casein, although other variants are available.

What are the benefits of blended protein?

By using a blended protein, you’re not just receiving the benefits from one form of protein. Whether it be the fast-absorbing, muscle protein synthesis spiking benefits of whey or the extended-release, anti-catabolic effects of casein, you are getting the best of both when using a blended protein!

How is a blended protein made?

A protein blend is formulated by combining 2 or more forms of protein together. To achieve this, ingredients such as casein and whey protein are turned into a powder and then mixed together to create a protein blend. Casein and whey are the 2 most popular variants to combine as they provide both a quick and slow-release of protein. Other forms of protein also used in a blend, include egg albumen and milk protein.

What is the digestion time of a blended protein?

Blended protein contains several different forms of protein, with varying characteristics, for this reason, blended protein contains a mixture of fast, intermediate and slow-release digestion times. This provides you with the anabolic benefits of whey protein, along with the anti-catabolic benefits of casein protein.