Protein Omelet 



If you love omelets, but don’t love the inconvenience or cholesterol, we have some egg-cellent news for you. Easy Protein Omelet™ delivers real savory egg taste and as much protein as three eggs (or 5 egg whites) in a package that’s portable, free of messy shells, and effortless to prepare. The seasonings are already inside, so you need to do is mix with water, heat, and eat. Crack open a bag today!

  • ZERO Gluten
  • ZERO Trans Fat
  • ZERO Messy Shells
  • ZERO Refrigeration requiredˆˆ
  • ZERO Taste Sacrifice
  • ZERO Banned Substances


  • As much protein as 3 whole eggs or 5 egg whitesˆ
  • 15 grams of very high biological value (BV) proteinˆ
  • 95% less cholesterol than 1 whole eggˆ
  • 1 gram of medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oilˆ
  • Easy to prepare - ready in minutes
  • Pre-seasoned with natural flavors and spices
  • Makes great-tasting omelets or scrambled eggs
  • Long-lasting, shelf-stableˆˆ


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Rule 1 Protein Omelet

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