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Xplosiv Ping Carbonated Pre Workout RTD 250ml 6 Pack Mix & Match

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Are you ready to start PING-ING? Mix and Match 6-Packs of NZ's hottest new RTD Pre-Workout!

After 10 years of powering 10s of millions(!) of Kiwi workouts, we've crafted PING - the ultimate solution to save you from workout mediocrity! Now shipping!!

PING is designed to deliver your body the focus and energy you need to unlock the SUPERCHARGED workouts you've always dreamed of!

PING has been formulated from research and insight provided from a decade of Xplosiv fueling 10s of millions of Kiwi workouts. We know which flavours and cutting-edge ingredients deliver the strongest results, and have been passionately devoting our expertise to develop 4 delicious, ZERO-SUGAR flavours:

• BLIZZARD - Blueberry Lemonade!
• TROPICANA - Tropical Punch!
• ELECTRIC FIZZ - Lemon & Lime!
• TIKI PUNCH  - Pineapple!

Each flavour contains a potent, efficient mixture of powerful active ingredients, such as Beta-Alanine, Citrulline, Tyrosine, Caffeine, Vitamin B12 and Niacin - to help you quickly, sustainably unlock the focus and energy required for any high-intensity workout!

Why choose PING:

  • Laser-like mental clarity & focus, and heightened mood.
  • Enhance your muscle-building capability with increased blood flow to the muscles.
  • Fast, effective nutrient absorption

READY to sharpen your focus, deepen your dedication, and unlock extreme energy? Our expertly crafted blend will help you unleash your full workout potential to chase your fitness goals!

Not for the faint of heart! Get PING from Xplosiv today and get ready to PING!

Directions for use

Consume 1 can, 30 minutes prior to training.

Warning: Do not exceed more than 1 can per day. Not intended to be consumed by pregnant or lactating women, or anyone under the age of 18. If you are taking any medication or have any underlying health concerns, please consult with your doctor before taking this product.