KILL IT Pre-workout was designed to elevate your ability to train harder, stay strong longer, and produce a overflowing pipeline of muscle healing blood to your working muscles. You love working out and having killer workouts; all you need is something to help you get past your natural ability. To be the best, and train like the best, you don’t just need a good workout- you need to KILL IT! 

This is What it Takes to KILL IT!
  • Insane energy
  • First class nitric oxide boosters       
  • Top shelf creatine blend
  • Pit bull focus & intensity
  • Dependable Muscle resilience 

Love the Workout – Kill the Workout
You work hard for your money, and you want something that works and works good. You don’t need a bottle of just stimulants. You need more than that. KILL IT was designed to have all your bases covered; pump, strength, endurance, focus, & lasting power. No more bottles of crap filled with ingredients with fancy long names that don’t do a thing for you. Rich Piana’s 5 % Nutrition knows what you need to take to KILL IT!

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5% Nutrition Kill It Reloaded Pre-Workout

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