Prime Nutrition Eaa's 30 serve

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Prime Nutrition EAAs provides a generous dose of essential amino acids in each 10g serve to help promote greater muscle recovery, growth and anti-catabolic (muscle preserving) support. This fantastic product can be used as an intra or post workout drink, or as a treat throughout the day that will add critical muscle support aminos to your daily intake.


  • Potent dose of essential amino acids
  • Promote muscle growth
  • Anti-catabolic support
  • Delicious taste

At only 5 calories per serve, and close to 10g of amino acids, Prime Nutrition EAAs makes a fantastic option to support your lean muscle mass when dieting down. The ability to flesh out your daily amino intake without substantial added calories makes this an invaluable product.

Each serve of Prime Nutrition EAAs contains 5000mg of Leucine. This Branched Chain Amino acid has been demonstrated in studies to play a regulatory role in muscle protein synthesis. Therefore allowing this product to promote an anabolic, muscle building state within your body!

Prime Nutrition EAA'S Supplement Facts