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X50 Green Tea + Resveratrol Paradise Mix

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paradise Mix Green Tea X50 Gift Set is for every dreamer, believer, and lover of life. The gift Set includes Paradise Mix 60 Serve with 

Apple Berry, Cranberry, Grape (limited edition!), Passionfruit & Raspberry as well as a matching Paradise Mix Shaker, packaged in a stunning reusable gift box.

East met West and ancient wisdom fused with modern days. Our unique revitalizing blend of green tea extract and resveratrol. Paradise Mix is the taste of paradise in every sip, bursting with antioxidants for radiant skin, supports gut health and boosts metabolism. As a source of clean energy, Green Tea X50 will give you that spring in your step. Enjoy super chilled and feel the difference.


  • Paradise Mix 60 Serve: Apple Berry, Cranberry, Grape (limited edition!), Passionfruit & Raspberry

  • Paradise Mix matching 600mL shaker

  • Paradise Mix Gift Box