API Weight Gainer Xtreme 20lb

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API Weight Gainer Xtreme is designed to get you moving. With a mega amount of 1,261 calories and 50 grams of the best proteins per serving, your body will have no choice but to positively react to this nutritionally dense, calorically packed powerhouse. Our protein blend of Whey and Casein provide a quick and sustained release of protein to feed your muscles. Protein is critical to build lean muscle because it helps create a state of positive nitrogen balance (PNB) within the muscle. PNB is a must-have for muscle growth and recovery.

API Weight Gainer Xtreme is loaded with high-performing complex carbohydrates to keep your energy levels fueled and steady. GAINER XTREME is low in sugars, enabling your body you to replenish glycogen stores after those growth inducing training sessions. So, you can avoid the energy crash that comes with high sugar gainers.

API Weight Gainer Xtreme contains a concentrated dose of BCAAs to fight muscle breakdown. The triple-action of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine amino acids encourage fast growth and repair to help shorten recovery time and maintain muscle.