Balance 100% Whey New Formula (Natural) is a Gluten Free whey protein. This Natural Whey Protein creates an anabolic environment for lean muscle growth and improved recovery time by providing a full complement of amino acids and 22g of BCAA's per 100g of protein. If you're after a 100% Gluten Free natural whey protein defiantly one to buy.

Balance 100% Whey New Formula (Natural) features:

  • Maximise muscle growth and repair
  • A full complement of amino acids to support lean muscle growth and repair
  • 22g of Branched Chain Amino Acids per 100g of protein
  • Easy mixing and great tasting 
  • Can be added to other foods to boost protein content
  • Made in New Zealand

Balance 100% Whey New Formula (Natural) contains:

  • NO artificial sweeteners
  • NO artificial flavours
  • NO artificial preservatives
  • NO artificial colours
  • High protein and low carb
  • With stevia 

Balance 100% Whey New Formula (Natural) is the ultimate protein source to meet the heavy demands of training, whether your priority is to help improve recovery, help build lean muscle or both.  Contains a full complement of amino acids to support lean muscle growth and repair  Easy mixing and great tasting and can be added to other foods to boost protein content.

Nutritional Information (Chocolate)
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (28g)
Servings Per Container: 100
Amount Per Serving
Energy 473KJ (113Cal)
Protein 21.8g
Total Fat 1.9g
- Saturated 1.3g
Carbohydrate 1.7g
- Sugars 1.5g
Sodium 41mg
Gluten nil detected
Branched Chain Amino Acids
Leucine 2240mg
Isoleucine 1370mg
Valine 1260mg
Other Essential Amino Acids
Lysine 1860mg
Methionine 493mg
Phenylalanine 696mg
Threonine 1460mg
Tryptophan 410mg
Other Amino Acids
Alanine 1060mg
Glycine 420mg
Histidine 395mg
Proline 1280mg
Cystine 567mg
Tyrosine 691mg
Aspartic Acid 2240mg
Glutamic Acid 3670mg
Arginine 559mg

Ingredients: Balance Proprietary Protein Blend (95%) [ Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Emulsifier (Lecithin from Soy and Sunflower)], Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavour, Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides).

Balance 100% Whey Natural review by Anonymous
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Guys, please be careful and just think once before you choose Balance Whey Protein it has some issues with packing. It has a plastic or some other stuff pieces which can harm your health. It tastes good however plastic scoop inside has hock in the container to hang on it which shreds the plastic from that scoop some times while removing it also air tight seal on the container. This happened with me 3 times and 3rd was worse i used tea strainer (infuser) to check and i found few black and white pieces which were not dissolving in the drink and they were hard as i check with my nail to feel it and find the reason.

Vitaco sent me replacement for this issue and hopefully working on issue however i want to tell people about my experience. This may not happened with everyone but this happened with me 3 times which is not by accident or anything.



Balance 100% Whey Natural review by Anonymous
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Sampled a few natural protein powders and this is great. Havent had supplements since those awful flavours on the 90's. The vanilla has a light malty taste which is great for me. Im not 8yrs old looking for a sweet milkshake. You can add fruit or anyfood if needed. It is a clean variety of protein and perfect drink after my training sessions.

Balance 100% Whey Natural review by Mad Max
  • Overall
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  • Effectiveness

The new Coconut flavour 100% whey natural protein is now one of my new Favorites! In terms of flavor its on point in my opinion, can taste the coconut and to me is quite creamy reminding me a bit of a natural yogurt taste in there too. Mixes extremely well! With a mix of whey and isolate and 22grams of protein per serve, it does the job. This is a protein I look forward to having everyday. Another added bonus is the BCAA's in it too, especially the leucine to help with recovery! Being naturally sweetened with Stevia and gluten free is perfect for anyone with sensitive stomachs. Love this protein!

Balance 100% Whey Natural review by Da_Yellow_Flash
  • Overall
  • Flavour
  • Formula
  • Effectiveness

NIce clean standard protein, great for people who wants nothing but straight protein without all the extra chemicals added.

Vanilla tastes pretty standard, goes well with bananas.

Balance 100% Whey Natural review by ChinaShopBull
  • Overall
  • Flavour
  • Formula
  • Effectiveness

Tried a sample of this in chocolate and taste was okay, nothing great but not awful either.
Mixed okay with milk.
Can't really comment on effectiveness as only sampled it.
Was pretty average protein.

Balance 100% Whey Natural review by Varis
  • Overall
  • Flavour
  • Formula
  • Effectiveness

Great formula comes it at 80% protein taste is nothing flash but that's because it's a natural sweetened product.. Great if you're wanting a stevia based product.

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