BALANCE LOW CARB BAR review by Annie G
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I tried Choc Honeycomb Flavour

Yum tasting bar; nice little morsel which is easy to eat that leaves you with minimal guilt when you\'re on the run.m only small bar at 35g, but this is perfect for such occasions when you just need a little something but don\'t want to eat a whole big protein bar.

121 calories
10.7 grams protein
4.5 g carbs of which 3.2 grams is sugar

NZ made :)

Not the best protein snack ever but definitely not the worst. I would more than likely purchase these because they are handy to keep a few in the car or handbag or gym bag or whatever.

Eternal gratitude to the GC\'s at Xplosiv Supplements for the sample. $29 per box; you should buy some!

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Balance Low Carb Bar X12

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