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Massive 2.5 kg


Increases muscle growth in response to workouts with the help of glutamine and a blend of essential vitamins and minerals.

Assists with muscle repair and protects against muscle loss with branched-chain amino acids.

Will you be satisfied with being big or are you working out to become truly massive? If your goal is to truly get ripped and maximise bulk and weight gain, Balance Massive 70:30 Carbs Protein Supplement is the only protein supplement to use following your workouts. This unique formulation is scientifically engineered to help you get the most remarkable gains possible from every workout.

Balance Massive 70:30 Carbs Protein Supplement provides glutamine, creatine, vitamins and minerals to help your body produce muscle cells in response to exercise. A blend of protein and carbs help to quickly revive you and restore your energy levels following gruelling workouts and support the ongoing repair of muscle tissue. Branched-chain amino acids are included to decrease the risk of the muscle being lost due to energy burning.

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