BEASt 2 Shredded Powder / Mango Orange

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2 SHREDDED is a extremely potent R18 Weight Management aid that acts on 5 Pathways to Energise your Fatloss efforts through these mechanisms:

 1. Support Healthy Thyroid function

2. Help boost your metabolism and energy

3. Promote increased thermogenisis

4. Minimise water retention

5. Support appetite and hunger

 BEAST 2 Shredded provides you a unique alternative to the typical fat loss pill options by providing you a powerful fat burning solution in a tasty orange mango powder for drink format.

Each tub contains 45 serves of rigorously tested ingredients blended in precise ratios to deliver serious fat burning results when combined with diet and exercise.

From the very first serve you can expect a noticeable lift in energy within minutes. Plus a raise in core temperature indicating increased thermogenisis (the burning of calories via heat in laymans terms) that becomes more obvious when training as the sweat pours off you!

Next BEAST 2 SHREDDED will encourage your thyroid to boost calorie expenditure in the "background" while you go about your daily routine. As the day progresses, you may find it easier to avoid treats than usual, as your cravings are squashed thus preventing unwanted calories entering your diet and helping you control your portion sizes at meal times.

Lastly you may notice a rapid weight reduction as the 2SHREDDED Diuretic Blend goes to work by eliminating excess water retention to promote a firmer, more toned physique.

We encourage you to drink plenty of water and remain hydrated while using this product to enhance your weight management results, energy and performance.

Beast 2 Shredded Supplement Facts

Directions : As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop with 200ml of water.  Adjust water to taste.  Take 1 scoop with your meals twice a day.  Do not exceed recommended dosage.