Dynamik Muscle Eviserate Fat Burner 45 Serve

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Kai Greens Dynamik Muscle Eviscerate Features The Following.

  • Mood & energy enhancement
  • Fat loss assistance
  • Appertite control
  • Increased body temperature


Xplosiv Supplements NZ Dynamik Muscle Eviscerate is a powerful fat loss supplement which assists with heating your body temperature throughout the day, doesn't matter if it's a training day or not.. Eviserate does its job!

With dieting your mental focus and concentration can be effected, Kai Greens Eviscerate has been designed with that in mind to help avoid those mental barriers and provide you with long lasting clean energy to prevent any mental fatigue that may occur whilst dieting!

At Xplosiv Suppelements we love to look at the ingredient profiles of a product and can confirm Kai Greens Eviserate has a pretty spot on formulation and for the price could be one of the best fat burners available in NZ at this price range!

Dynamik Muscle NZ