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What are your payment options?

Our online payment options are Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Laybuy and Poli.

Do supplements have a best before date?

Yes. Supplements are required to have a best before date, however, this does not necessarily mean that it is no longer fit for consumption. Often when a supplement is past its best before date, the main change will be in texture and efficacy. You may find that pre-workouts and fat-burners that are past their best before, may go clumpy, and you may find that instead of having 25G of protein per serve in your protein powder, you may only now have 22G of protein per serving.

Is it safe to take supplements while pregnant?

Certain supplements are safe to take while pregnant. Avoid any stimulants such as pre-workout and fat-burners and be selective with your choice of protein. Avoid whey and casein protein as much as possible in order to minimise the consumption of lactose. Instead, make the switch to a plant-based protein powder during your pregnancy tenure. Most supplements are okay to take, but seek advice from your doctor prior to supplementation whilst pregnant.

What does protein do?

Protein is a macronutrient responsible for muscular repair. When you work out, you create micro-tears in your muscles, you repair these through diet and rest. That’s where protein comes in, protein is required to build muscle and recover.

What does a fat burner do?

Fat burners are nutrition supplements that assist in weight loss by increasing fat metabolism, utilizing fat cells for energy expenditure, decreasing appetite and providing energy for greater overall caloric expenditure. Weight-loss supplements come in two forms; fat-burning pills and powders. This gives you the choice to opt either for the convenience of pills or for the taste that comes from mixing a powder.

What is the difference between BCAAs and amino acids?

There are 2 types of amino acids commonly sold, BCAAs and EAAs. EAAs are essential amino acids, this means that they cannot be synthesized by the body and have to be obtained through your diet. There are a total of 9 essential amino acids. BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids, these are amino acids that have an aliphatic side-chain with a branch. BCAAs also cannot be produced by the body, for this reason, BCAAs also fall under the category of EAAs. There are a total of 3 BCAAs, leucine, isoleucine and valine, these 3 amino acids are simply ⅓ of the 9 total essential amino acids required for your body.

How do we have such strong deals on products?

Due to the ever-growing size of Xplosiv Supplements, we benefit greatly from economies of scale. Because we order in such high quantities, we are able to offer better and more aggressive pricing on products. We also buy wise and buy direct so that there is no need for a middle man.

Can I apply a discount code?

Yes! We have athletes all over social media who have been allocated discount codes to give out to their followers. Be sure to check us out on Instagram @Xplosivsupplementsnz to find our athletes across the country.

Can I return a product if I do not like the taste?

If you ordered the wrong item, you can contact us to change it before it has been dispatched, if the item has been delivered and is the wrong item, that item can be returned. If you have received and opened a product, it cannot be returned, even if you do not like the taste. You can read the full delivery and returns policy here.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes, we do! You can find them here. Simply add the amount you like right here and we will get it sorted for you!