Oh so you thought Ghost Amino was awesome? You’re gonna love this. Ghost Amino V2 is here and now offers a full 10g’s of Essential Amino Acids and is 100% vegan-friendly! Alongside this? The hydration complex has been boosted and the entire formula benefits from the addition of Astragin for even better muscle absorption!

Awesome to sip on through the day, as well as, of course, the perfect supplement to support you through those intense workouts. When training hard you need effective supplements to support the workout to ensure maximal results!

In Ghost Amino V2 we’re talking 4.5g of BCAAs per serving with an additional 5.5g EAAs, meaning 10g Essential Amino Acids! Not to mention the added electrolytes and raw coconut water for hydration, as when we are dehydrated our bodies output is compromised and more often than not we simply aren’t drinking enough, Ghost has got our backs!


  • 5.5g EAA’s & 4.5g BCAAs (10g EAA’s in total)
  • Added Electrolytes & Raw Coconut Water, Taurine and Aquamin® For Hydration
  • GHOST Full Disclosure label
  • Helps Speed up recovery
  • Now Vegan-Friendly!

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Ghost Amino V2 40 Serve

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