Musclepharm BCAA 240 Capsules

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MusclePharm BCAA is the foundation of your temple.  Since the human body can't manufacture them athletes and trainers alike must ingest BCAAs through their diet or supplementation. With Sprint Fit MusclePharm BCAA your giving you're body the best chance to develop lean mass more effectively.

BCAAs are part of the group of essential amino acids that the body needs. MusclePharm BCAA is designed to release specific amounts of each amino acid both before and after a workout. This may help provide support against muscle breakdown and lead to gains in body mass without losing weight.

MusclePharm BCAA features:

  • Supports lean mass growth
  • Reduces muscle breakdown
  • Increase protein synthesis
  • Perfect combination of BCAAs to prevent muscle breakdown and fueling muscle developement
  • Rapidly absorbed branched chain amino acid complex
  • 100% Pharmaceutical grade

What's in MusclePharm BCAA?

  • Contains MusclePharms BCAA 3:1:2 ratio, branched chain amino acid complex that only delivers when it counts but gives you precisely what your body needs
  • Ideal mix of L-Leucine (3 grams per serving), L-Valine (2 grams) and L-Isoleucine (1 gram)

If a person doesn´t take a BCAA supplement, they need to consume proteins and mixes of vegetables to receive them. BCAAs like Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine benefit athletes because they are processed in the muscles instead of the liver. In the muscles, more of the amino acids are used for muscle nourishment, as opposed to fuel for energy.  MusclePharms BCCA 3:1:2 ratio is designed to release the ideal amounts of each amino acid both before and after a workout.


review by Anonymous
  • Overall

Great leucine heavy pill format in the follwing ratio
3 Leucine: 2 Valine: 1 Isoleucine ratio.

Approx 30 serves in the bottle.

Certified Banned Substance free for those concerned about safety and use in sport.

review by Anonymous
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These definitely helped my recovery. Cheaper than a powder, but you don't get the satisfaction of drinking the BCAA as they often taste very nice. Very well priced. You can't go wrong if you want a BCAA on a low budget.

review by Anonymous
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After increasing my exercise volume my recovery was having trouble. These helped and aided with my recovery

review by Anonymous
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Why better than powder and very cheap.

review by Anonymous
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Cheaper than using powder and just as effective.