Muscletech Sx-7 Black Onyx Creabuild 30 Serve

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Muscletech Sx-7 Black Onyx Creabuild 30 Serve

3G Creatine HCL | 3G Creatine Monohydrate | 2.5G Betaine | 800MG Cundura 


This powerful musclebuilding plus creatine formula is built with ingredients scientifically proven to enhance size, strength, recovery, performance and ATP production.


Only this game-changing musclebuilding blend features CinDura®, a botanical-based strength enhancer. Along with the exclusive ingredient, CinDura®, CreaBuild Black Onyx® is also loaded with a class-leading 6g researched dose of creatine, from creatine HCI and creatine monohydrate, plus 2.5g of betaine – two ingredients proven in multiple studies to activate muscle growth and increase strength. This formula is going to take your muscles to the next level, and you can’t get it from anywhere but MuscleTech®.


Muscletech SX-7 Black Onyx CreaBuild Key Benefits-


-Improve Recovery 

-Boost Performance 

-Build Muscle 

-Optimize your Energy Production 


CinDura® Facts-

The new and exclusive ingredient matrix CinDura® is believed to help optimize energy production (ATP) through the mitochondria and combat muscle breakdown through inhibition of the proteasome pathway, facilitating greater strength, endurance and lean muscle.

In fact, in a 6-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, subjects taking CinDura® as found in CreaBuild Black Onyx® increased lean body mass by an average of 5 lbs. vs. just 1.1 lbs. in the placebo group. In the same 6-week clinical study, subjects increased their muscular endurance assessed using leg extensions by an average of 6.6 reps vs. just 2.1 by the placebo.