Lipo-6 GoFAT Gel 12 Pack 


Lipo-6 goFAT® Gel is an industry changing product to help keep your keto driven diet in tact at anytime and in any place.



This industry-changing product helps bring a convenient way to meet ketogenic nutritional needs while boosting overall energy levels, mental clarity and fat loss support.

Catering to those with active lifestyles and consistently on-the-go individuals, Lipo-6 goFAT® Gel is perfect for anyone looking to ditch the powdery mess of typical products or needs a convenient energy-based snack to help with performance levels while staying within the proper keto diet guidelines.


In Layman’s terms, this product uses ketogenic-friendly fat ingredients combined with weight loss compounds and active caffeine to help those who follow a strict keto diet with added nutrients for brain fuel and an energy boost.

Speaking of ingredients, let’s dive deep into the supplement facts panel and breakdown each property with an explanation of what the corresponding benefits provide.



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Nutrex Lipo-6 GoFAT Gel 12 Pack

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