Official Cyclone Cup

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These shakers are secure lid guaranteed and are made from non-porous plastic, which means they won't hold the smell of your favourite protein shake.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Secure seal
  • Additional storage
  • Cup holder friendly

You’ve heard it all before but we are proud to say it again, WAIT THERE’s MORE!

Not only is this shaker the best mixing device on the market, we have added an additional 200ml storage device and a pill compartment to the 650ml shaker with our easy to use click and go capsule, so that you can take additional shakes with you when on the run.

With a 650ml shake capacity, the Cyclone Cup is a premium shaker with a proven track record to mix better than any other manual shaker on the market.

Need a bigger than standard shaker? Up your protein shaker game with our biggest addition of the Cyclone cup!

With a MONSTROUS 946ml capacity, this Cyclone Shaker is fit and ready for even some of the biggest protein shakes.

Still want storage AND a monster shaker?

Despite not coming with an additional storage capsule, the cyclone 946ml shaker offers the same click and go technology as our 650ml shaker, which means you can use the capsule on either shaker whenever you need.

Step up your shaker game!

cyclone shaker

Cyclone Shaker