PharmaFreak Amino Freak 3000 350 tab

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Amino 3000 provides support for muscle strength and growth and comes in the form of Anabolic Amino Acid Tablets.

Created with clinically researched ingredients, Amino Freak 3000 provides both anabolic muscle-building BCAAs and essential amino acids. It’s unique formulation including high-quality whey protein isolate, the muscle endurance agent, Taurine and Creatine to support muscle growth.

Amino Freak 3000 combines all of the essential amino acids that your muscles require in one product, for the potential of maximum muscle-building! Amino Freak 3000 provides 175 servings (350 Tabs) and is a full 8-week supply.

Improving recovery times with clinically researched compounds, Amino Freak 3000 provides Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate and Leucine to help maximize your gains. AstraGin absorption support is also includes in Amino Freak 3000’s formulation, so that your body absorbs all of its various nutrients including Aminos.