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New SUPER FREAK® is the most complete pre-workout formula of its kind! Every complex and ingredient found in SUPER FREAK® has a specific function to support physical and mental performance! The new SUPER FREAK® formula amplifies key muscular and neurological pathways that are critical to maximizing performance. Nothing is stronger, or more complete!


The SUPER FREAK® formula is designed to support what the PHARMAFREAK R&D team believes to be the 4 most important aspects of exercise performance:

  • Muscular Endurance
  • Muscular Strength & Power
  • Mental Intensity
  • Mental Focus


SUPER FREAK® is our most complete and clinically-researched pre-workout supplement to date!

Super Freak Delivers

  1. Clinically-researched doses of 2 powerful fatigue fighters:

    • 2,500 mg Betaine anhydrous
    • 50 mg Peppermint Oil
  2. Clinically-researched doses of 2 powerful adaptogens to help combat cortisol and support endurance and cognitive function:

    • 225 mg Rhodiola rosea
    • 800 mg Siberian ginseng root + 2,500 mg L-Tyrosine for added cognitive support!
  3. Potent Stimulant Complex to support intensity and focus, which includes:

    • Energizing Traditional Chinese tonic, Dendrobium nobile!
    • Oleuropein Aglycone & Caffeine!
  4. Muscle Regeneration & Antioxidant Support Complex, which includes:

    • 250 mg Agmatine Sulfate, a multi-functional antioxidant!
    • Astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant that can support endurance!
  5. Muscle Performance Multi-Vitamin Complex, which is scientifically designed to support exercise performance, strength, blood flow and muscle pumps!

    • Vitamin C (417%)
    • Vitamin D (100%)
    • Vitamin E (100%)
    • Vitamin B6 (2500%)
    • Folic Acid (75%)
    • Vitamin B12 (833%)
  6. Patented Absorption Enhancer, AstraGin™, to support optimal absorption and effects of all ingredients in the formula!

Superfreak Complexes

DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement, adults mix ½ (5.1 g) to 1 (10.2 g) scoop with 8 to 14 ounces of cold water and consume 15-30 minutes before training. Due to its strength, it is highly recommended that you assess your individual tolerance and start out by using only ½ a scoop per day. Many individuals find that ½ a scoop of SUPER FREAK is strong enough to deliver maximum results. CAUTION: DO NOT CONSUME MORE THAN 1 SERVING (1 SCOOP) IN ANY 24-HOUR PERIOD.