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Look at your current shaker in disgust, its not going to last another week in the post apocalyptic world! A shaker should be able to be dragged through mud, dropped, kicked and even filled with rocks and used as a last minute weapon when necessary. We have been out scavenging, searching for a shaker cup that can live up to the rigours of the dangerous world we live in and finally found it...the ultimate survival shaker. 


  • 22oz Cyclone Cup mixing chamber (with no rattling shaker ball to give away your position)
  • Capsule/pill storage click'n'go™ lid
  • 6oz detachable powder dry storage chamber to carry a serve with you
  • Large durable handle which can easily be attached to a belt, survival pack or gym bag
  • Leak free easy pour spout and lid
  • The world is toxic enough...this is BPA free and 100% non toxic plastic
  • Outbreak Logo, so it's clear you are a survivor