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Xplosiv Supplements NZ PNI Amentovol Features

Potassium Nitrate
- Pumped Vasodilation

Commonly known as Saltpeter, Potassium Nitrate is a well known salt of natural nitrate.  A healthy, well-rounded diet can provide up to several hundred mgs of nitrate per day.  Ingested nitrate is rapidly and completely absorbed in the small intestine and taken up into the bloodstream.  About 5% is then converted into a related compound called Nitrite. This nitrite then becomes a precursor to NO, and NO is what causes the pumps associated with nitrates and nitrites.

Since nitrite is a true NO donor, and it's salts can act as a storage form of NO, why even take nitrates?  Why not just use lower doses of nitrite to achieve the same result?  Because of concern over potential toxicity, which is sometimes observed with direct nitrite supplementation.  Nitrite salts like Sodium Nitrite are common food preservatives, so most of us ingest small amounts of them everyday anyway.  In order to avoid the potential for additive side-effects, no nitrites are used in Amentovol, only the natural Nitrate salt of Potassium.

In addition to the great feeling of being super-pumped, Nitrate also demonstrates an exercise benefit known as Reduced Oxygen Cost. This may be viewed simply as improved oxygen economy, which results from increased blood flow and improved oxygenation efficiency of the musculature.

HydroMax™ (65% Glycerol powder)
- Hydrated  Volumization

Ingestion of glycerol is known to increase the water content (hydration) of the body, and Hydromax is a specialized silica-bound form of glycerol designed with athletes in mind. The gain in body water is typically up to a liter, depending on the amount and timing of the glycerol ingestion.  This kind of pre-workout glycerol hyper-hydration has been demonstrated to increase sweat production, which improves evaporative cooling and performance during exercise in hot environments.  Trials with glycerol show that hyper-hydrated athletes exercise almost 30% longer than non-glycerol treated athletes.

Many hydrating ingredients have come and gone, and Glycerol Monostearate is still quite popular, but this new form of glycerol is soluble and highly concentrated.  It may possibly be the next best thing to pure liquid glycerine on the market today.

Selaginella Tamariscina Extract (Standardized to 20% Amentoflavone)
- Strength and Metabolic Synergist

Selaginella Tamariscina is one of several known plants that contain the biflavonoid compound Amentoflavone.  While Selaginella has many intriguing chemical constituents (mainly it's phenylpropanoid components), Amentoflavone may be the most significant.  This compound has a variety of positive effects to offer any serious athlete.

To start, Amentoflavone is shown to act as an analgesic, by inhibiting the inflammatory enzyme COX-2. This effect can help with the mild, intermittent joint pain which is sometimes experienced with heavy training.

In addition, Amentoflavone negatively modulates the benzodiazepine GABA-A sub-receptor.  This results in an enhanced sense of well-being due to increased perception of environmental stimuli.  Such a mood-boosting effect helps to insure a focused, productive workout.

Amentoflavone also causes increased Calcium (Ca2+) release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum of skeletal muscle, much like Caffeine. However, its action appears to be many times more potent than Caffeine.  Increased Ca2+ means greater contractile force potential, thus directly stimulating the muscle to facilitate increased strength.

Amentoflavone is an indiscriminate Phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitor too.  Some of the most popular synthetic compounds used to promote erectile function fall under this category as well.  PDE inhibitors have a well-characterized mechanism by which they promote vasodilatation, mainly by preventing the deactivation of  cAMP and cGMP.  Vasodilation is just the result of relaxed blood vessels, allowing for expansion and greater peripheral blood flow.  This ingredient compliments and augments the action of other vasodilators like Nitrates quite well.

Amentoflavone is also said to up-regulate PPAR-γ, inhibit Fatty Acid Synthase (which prevents the synthesis of new fatty acids) and lower blood glucose levels by increasing insulin sensitivity.  These are all very desirable metabolic effects that make Selaginella extract a smart addition to this formula.

Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid)
- Nitrate Complement and Protective Anti-Oxidant

Tolerance to Nitrates may occur quite rapidly upon chronic administration.  This is why compounds like Potassium Nitrate may work initially, but stop working shortly thereafter.  Enhanced formation of superoxide radicals has been suggested as a cause in the development of nitrate tolerance.  This type of oxidation potential can also have negative long-term health risks.  However, Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant and co-supplementation of Vitamin C with nitrates is shown to fully maintain the hemodynamic benefit of nitrates.  Supplementation with Vitamin C not only prevents vascular tolerance to nitrates, it can actually reverse it.

The incidence of some cancers is suggested to increase with high doses of dietary nitrates, and there is a specific class of nitrate metabolites suspected to be responsible for this association.  These compounds are known as Nitrosamines. Vitamin C has been shown to inhibit the formation of nitrosamines, so it not only prevents and reverses vascular tolerance to nitrates, it helps prevent the potential toxins which can result from its metabolism.

Besides all this, Vitamin C stacked with nitrate is also theorized to deliver enhanced vascular and connective tissue repair capacity.  In fact, Vitamin C can be seen as an all-around super-nutrient in practically every aspect, responsible for countless processes related to proper bodily function.  Unfortunately, due to a genetic defect known as Gulonolactone Oxidase Deficiency, humans cannot biosynthesize this essential nutrient.  Since many athletes may underestimate the impact of marginal Vitamin C deficiency, and fail to supplement with optimal amounts, we included enough in Amentovol to compliment the added nitrate.

Take one serving (3 capsules) 30-45 minutes prior to exersise. on non training days, take one serving (3 capsules) first thing in the morning.

For optimal results use amentovol for 4-8 weeks.