BCAAs are required to consume no matter what type of athlete you are. But the majority of the BCAA products on the market are just that...BCAAs, not much else – we created a product that provides each essential amino acid in every serving. The most complete, naturally-inspired amino product available!

Features 3 primary benefits:

1.Recovery – contains all 9 primary Amino Acids (BCAAs/EAAs) sourced from 100% fermented vegetables

2.Hydration – Coconut Water Powder + Himalayan Sea Salt for balancing pH and proving trace minerals = reduced cramping

3.Energy – contains just the right amount of energy from natural caffeine sources to help keep you going


Available in 2 flavours – Clear Blue Razz and Tropical Punch


As a dietary supplement for healthy adults, mix one serving in 240-360 mL (8-12 fl oz) of cold water in a shaker cup or sports bottle and consume before, during or after exercise. Read entire label before use and follow directions and warnings provided.


Use less water to increase sweetness – use more water to decrease sweetness. 


r3p life aminos


Malic Acid, Natural Flavors, Less Than 2% Each of the Following: Sucralose, Tapioca Dextrin, Maltodextrin, Medium Chain Triglycerides (From Modified Coconut Oil), Silicon Dioxide.


Tree Nut (Coconut). 

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R3P LIFE Amino Workout 30 Serve

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