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SAN Metaforce Protein Blend 10lb Bag

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Controlled Protein Release to Build and Protect Muscle

  • 26 grams of protein per serving
  • Fast & controlled multi-dispersed protein
  • Low carbohydrates with no sugar
  • High in essential fatty acids

A Single Protein Source Isn’t Enough

Fast-digesting proteins are ideal for post-workout nutrition, as that’s the key time you want muscle-feeding nutrients to get into your bloodstream as quickly as possible. However, when you’re stuck without a meal for several hours, or while sleeping, you want a protein source that’s slow-digesting in order to feed your muscle tissue constantly. That’s when you want METAFORCE.

Controlled Protein Absorption Gives You Full-Time Muscle Growth

With SAN’s 6-Stage Fast & Controlled Multi-Dispersed Protein Matrix, there’s no need to choose between a fast-digesting or slow-digesting protein source when you can get it all from one source: METAFORCE 5.0 (5-Lbs) and METAFORCE 10.0 (10-Lbs).

The advance SPI-90, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, and micro-ļ¬ltered whey protein concentrate in METAFORCE assure a rapid-absorption protein gets into the bloodstream immediately, shuttling key anabolic and anti-catabolic nutrients into your system as fast as possible.

The slower absorption of the micellar casein, caseinate, and milk protein isolate in METAFORCE trickle feed your muscles for several hours after ingestion. So, along with the high essential fatty acid (EFA) content, you’ve got long-term coverage for all your hard-earned muscle.

METAFORCE 5.0 and METAFORCE 10.0 provide a precise blend of fast-release and slow-release proteins for round-the-clock muscle building.*

1 Scoop Approximate 33-34 Grams

Approximate 134 Serves Per Bag