Six Star PRE-WORKOUT Explosion



From the makers of Muscletech®, America’s #1 Selling Body Building Supplement Brand, Six Star® Pre-Workout Explosion sets the stage for unrivaled performance, helping you defeat plateaus and test your limits.


This premium, delicious-tasting powder is formulated by world-leading researchers to deliver an incredible energy boost, enhanced mental focus and skin-splitting muscle pumps for explosive workouts like you’ve never experienced before.


Featuring key Pre-Workout ingredients Creatine Monohydrate, L-Arginine & Beta-Alanine. 


Six Star PRE-WORKOUT Explosion Highlights-

-Increase Energy

-Enhance Muscle Pumps

-Naturally Sourced Caffeine (From Green Coffee Bean Extract)

-Sensory blend featuring Choline

-2:1:1 BCAA Ratio

-ZERO Sugar, & ZERO Asparatame  


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Sixstar Pre-Workout Explosion 30 Serve

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