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Sparta Nutrition THERMO Fat Burner - Non Stimulant 



Sparta Nutrition Thermo is a comprehensive, capsule-based non-stimulant fat burner formulated to help burn midsection fat, suppress appetite, and boost your metabolism, all without using caffeine.*

Not all fat burners are made equally. Thermo contains a unique combination of metabolism-boosting nutrients to increase energy, reduce appetite, boost energy expenditure, and combat feelings of poor mood commonly experienced when dieting.*

We make sure Thermo is clearly labeled with everything that goes into our formula. No
surprises. Featuring a host of scientifically researched weight loss ingredients, Thermo is the obvious choice for those looking to lose weight fast today.*

Our approach was to create the most effective fat burner, starting with premium ingredients that stand up to the test. To help keep you on track, we’ve included a synergistic combo of cortisol inhibitors and adaptogens to increase energy, mood, and motivation, to keep you fueled all day long.*

With Thermo, all active ingredients are transparently dosed so that you know exactly what you’re getting per serving.


The Science

What’s in Sparta Nutrition Thermo? Let’s take a look at the key ingredients.


InnoSlim®: Activating AMPk
InnoSlim® is a patented panax notoginseng complex that has great clinical data on normalizing blood sugar levels. It’s no secret after reading about low-carb diets, ketosis, and the ketogenic diet that blood sugar levels need to be kept controlled and stable for the body to be in the best possible fat-burning environment. Stabilizing blood sugar levels also helps appetite control and mitigating cravings, too.

InnoSlim® improves blood glucose levels via a metabolic pathway called AMPk (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase). AMPk induces beta-oxidation (fat burning) and blood glucose oxidation.AMPk also increases enzymes that get fatty acids ready to be used as fuel; primarily via hormone-sensitive lipase. This provides incredible synergy with Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Salts, due to their ability to enhance the ease at which fatty acids will be available for fuel via ketosis.

AMPk is an enzyme that also plays a role in cellular energy and promotes glucose uptake into muscle cells and helps improve insulin sensitivity - all good things in the name of fat-loss!

Sensoril® Ashwagandha: Increased Midsection Fat Loss and Appetite Control

Sensoril® patented Ashwagandha extract is an extremely high-quality extract of withanolides from the ever-so-popular Ashwagandha plant. Sensoril® has been shown in human clinical trials, among many things, to help reduce stress and optimize cortisol levels. Due to Sensoril®’s higher than normal level of Withanolides, a compound known for it’s anti-anxiety effects, it is considered as the best Ashwagandha extract for stress control.

Why is this in a fat burner?

Cortisol, commonly elevated due to chronic stress, can directly lead to obesity related symptoms such as high blood sugar and increased fat storage. Not only that, but the bulk of this fat storage tends to take place in your abdomen. Optimizing, and lowering, levels of cortisol helps improve fat-loss, as those previously stored fatty acids can now be liberated for additional fuel to be burned off. Interestingly too, Ashwagandha contains another constituent known as Withferin A, which has been shown in research to induce apoptosis (cell death) in fat cells.

Sensoril® has also been shown to reduce stress-related overeating due to its anxiolytic effects. This reduction in overeating is critical for maintaining a successful diet. As we all know, once we hop off the bandwagon, it's extremely difficult to hop back on.


Olive Leaf Extract: Thyroid Support for Enhanced Calorie Burn

Olive Leaf Extract has tons of data for a myriad of health benefits, such as an improved
cholesterol profile and lowering triglycerides. One thing that's often overlooked, however, is Olive Leaf’s ability to support enhanced thyroid output. Oleanic acid, a constituent found in Olive Leaf Extract, that activates specific metabolic enzymes that leads to higher bioavailability of thyroid hormone and an increase in the metabolic rate.

Your thyroid is considered your metabolism "conductor." It controls the rate at which you burn calories and utilize nutrients. Olive Leaf can help support an underactive thyroid to further increase fat loss by burning more calories via an increase in the master metabolism hormone, T3. In another study researching the effect Olive Leaf has on the thyroid, giving 100, 250, or 500mcg of olive leaf water extract to male rats for 14 days showed increases in T3 ( 50%, 91%, and 150% respectively per dose).

Paradoxine®: Increased Metabolism and Calorie Expenditure

Lastly, Thermo contains 50mg of Paradoxine®, which contains a constituent known as 6-
paradol. 6-paradol is important because it helps promote metabolically inactive white adipose tissue to convert to metabolically active brown adipose tissue. By turning white adipose tissue, which is a health-risk type of fat tissue, into brown adipose tissue, we help the body move to a state of greater energy expenditure. In layman’s terms: You burn more calories and your body is more efficient at burning fat.

In a four-week trial, researchers found that 40mg of Paradoxine® (remember, Thermo contains 50mg/serving, and 100mg/day!) caused significantly higher increase in energy expenditure than the placebo group. Another trial in humans using 10mg of Paradoxine® found that the Paradoxine® group experienced greater visceral fat loss in the midsection than placebo.

This makes Paradoxine® a key catalyst in Thermo: it’s ability to improve the rate at which calories (energy) are burned allows for a greater fat loss effect.


Versatile Dosing

Sparta Nutrition Thermo allows users to titrate how much energy and thermogenic activity they want. For those who just need a little boost, one capsule is more than enough. For those looking for all-day energy and weight loss support, two capsules is suggested.*

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