Titan Protein Thick Shake Series 2lb

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The Titan Arena Thick Shake Series has been launched to revolutionize how we consume protein in flavour, absorption and nutrient technology. New Flavour and texture technology have enabled a protein powder to taste and feel just like a thick shake that was mixed with ice cream and syrup but with only 2 grams
of sugar per serve and low fat. The four new flavours are surprising to people who first try them;

 Triple Chocolate Thick shake
 Old Fashioned Vanilla Thick shake
 Banana Thick shake
 The all new Unicorn Thick shake!!! (Guess the flavour.)

The protein ingredients are quite unique in the results they create.

First of all, it contains Milk Protein Isolate (MPI)

There is a lot of confusion about what MPI actually is. It goes through exactly the same filtration process as a Whey Protein Isolate or (WPI). This means you are getting ultra-quick absorption and easy digestion. The one difference is that instead of originating from whey, it originates from Milk. This leads to both Whey Isolate fractions and in addition Casein Isolate Fractions being produced. This is more advantageous than using a WPI alone. 

In addition, WPC is added. The reason for this is the WPC is abundant in lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, growth factors and immune boosting ingredients.

The result is the perfect combination of proteins for maximum utilization anddigestive absorption. Titan protein contains 26 grams of protein per serve and has over 10% leucine content.

This means you are receiving over 2.5 grams of leucine per serve, which is the required amount to activate the mTOR pathway for muscle synthesis.

Finally, the Titan Thick shake series is Gluten Free, Soy Free and Batch Tested. At Titan Arena we believe it is just as important what goes in as what we leave out.





Please note nutritional values can vary by flavour

Titan Protein 2lb