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Victory Labs Hydro Complete

What is Hydro Complete?

Hydro Complete is a whey protein isolate that has undergone the process hydrolysis. Hydrolysis (pre-digested) is the method of enzymatically breaking down the large poly-peptides of protein into smaller more absorbable di and tri-peptides. This function normally happens inside the human digestive tract. However, it is not always completed efficiently and often expensive proteins are not absorbed as a result. To hydrolyse a protein supplement, food-grade enzymes are introduced to whey protein concentrate or isolate thus breaking down and reducing the size of the protein molecules into bioavailable peptides and free form amino acids.

Victory Labs Hydro Complete is a cold temperature membrane filtered 100% Pure Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate. 
This technology sets the standard for purity leaving our whey protein isolate in its most natural and bioavailable state. 
Many other proteins are extracted using high heat, friction or acid which can leave the protein denatured. Hydro Complete is undenatured and contains a precise complete amino acid profile and full spectrum of all the natural muscle repairing and health promoting micro-fractions including Glycomacropeptides (GMP), Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulins (IgG), Beta-Lactoglobulin, Alpha-Lactalbumin and Bovine Serum. 
At Victory Labs we realize that creating the Purist Quality Protein is only step one and that mixability and taste are equally as important.

Hydro Complete utilizes optimal inline agglomeration technology and sunflower lecithin for the perfect mix every time.

What makes Hydro Complete Different?

Not all hydrolysates are created equal. Firstly, some companies will tell you their product is hydrolysed when it is just one of the proteins in a blend of 3 or more that makes up less than 5% of the product. Hydro CompleteTM is 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate. It is a ceramic filtered cold temperature process that preserves the integrity of the fragile protein peptides and the micro-fractions for enhanced digestion, immune function, hormone support, energy, muscle recovery, fat burning and so much more. Secondly, the DH (Degree of Hydrolysis) needs to be high. A high degree of hydrolysis (High-DH) will produce more di and tripeptides and a significantly lower molecular weight of the protein.
This high-DH lower molecular weight enhances bioavailability 200-300% greater than intact proteins. Therefore 20g of Hydro CompleteTM is more like consuming 40g – 60g of an intact whey protein. Finally, using a hydrolyzed Isolate enables Victory Labs to produce a protein that is not only rapidly absorbed and 100% bioavailable but is also incredibly high in protein (>80%) and low in carbohydrates (<2g) and fats (<1g).

Why is Hydrolysis so important?

Hydrolysis is critical for absorption. All dietary protein must be reduced (hydrolyzed) to the smallest peptides called di and tripeptides (2 and 3 aminos long), or free form amino acids in order to be absorbed by the body (muscles, organs, etc). If you consume protein that is not hydrolyzed, like traditional isolates, concentrates, blends, caseins, soy and caseinates, you must then hydrolyze (digest) it in your GI tract (stomach and small intestine). If the protein is not hydrolyzed (digested) down into di and tripeptides or free form aminos it may not be transported into the blood for distribution to your muscles and other tissues. It may then travel into the colon where it is not absorbed and becomes food for bad bacteria. This may create bloating or other digestive issues.

Won’t my digestive tract hydrolyze (digest) my protein completely?

Not always. In some cases and at certain times people with good digestive systems may hydrolyze (digest) most of the protein they consume. However, there are many variables that effect digestion including but not limited to; stomach pH, digestive enzyme levels, good bacteria, leaky gut syndrome and blood flow to the digestive system being a major issue at certain times. With all of these unknowns it makes sense to buy a protein that is guaranteed to be hydrolyzed and 100% bioavailable (absorbed) no matter what the current state of your digestive system is. You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb and if you pay for expensive protein and can’t digest it or it hasn’t been hydrolyzed, then it is money wasted.

How much faster will Hydro Complete absorb?

Based on the current clinical research, if Hydro Complete is consumed post training (when speed of absorption is critical), it may absorb 30-45x faster than a standard whey protein blend.

When should I consume a hydrolyzed protein?

Almost all researchers agree on one thing, post training is the most important time to consume a fast absorbing protein. Unfortunately, it is the worst time to consume intact complete proteins like traditional isolates, concentrates, caseins, pea or soy. These proteins all require a lot of attention from your digestive tract to be completely digested (Hydrolyzed). While you exercise a lot of blood from around your digestive system is redirected to the heart and lungs and pumped into your working muscles. This reduces the blood flow and capabilities of your digestive system. Therefore, when you consume your protein shake after training and all the blood is still in your muscles, you will digest and absorb less protein than you need. The answer to this problem is to use a hydrolyzed protein post workout. This will maximize your muscle building and recovery potential by taking advantage of the 100% bioavailability and the enhanced blood flow to your muscles. In summary, consume Hydro CompleteTM straight after training and let the blood pump the peptides and amino acids into your working muscles for greater recovery and development. You can also use Hydro CompleteTM at any time protein is required because it is better to consume a protein that it easy on the stomach and absorbs 100% than one that is difficult to digest and may not absorb 100%.

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