VPX Bang® Energy Drinks 12 Pack

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Bang Energy Is Currently The Worlds Number 1 Selling Energy Drink/Pre-Workout in Vitamin & Supplement Stores.

Bang Energy – 500ml

Bang Energy Drink is not your typical sugar-filled, soul-sucking soda masquerading as an energy drink. If it’s just a jolt of energy you want, have a candy bar, wear a tinfoil hat in a lightning storm, or try one of the other “energy” drinks on the market. If you’re looking for something to fuel your next workout or adventure, if you want sustained energy, peak mental and physical performance, Bang is the drink for you!

  • Zero Sugar
  • Zero Carbohydrates
  • Great-Tasting


Every 500ml can of Bang contains 160 milligrams of caffeine which has been shown to increase endurance and strength. Even better, Bang is sugar-free and has zero calories with 4 delicious flavours to choose from!  Bang energy drinks also contain other ingredients designed to help you get more out of your workout, your day and your life.

Nutrition Info may slightly differ between flavors