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Keto Diet Aid is designed to promote a healthy metabolism for those on the Keto Diet. Digestive Enzymes to metabolize fats Carb blockers Stimulant free can be taken any time of day Designed to optimize fat loss Ingredients   Zinc Gluconate: A study published in 2013 in “Biological Trace Element...

Keto Diet Aid is designed to promote a healthy metabolism for those on the Keto Diet.

  • Digestive Enzymes to metabolize fats
  • Carb blockers
  • Stimulant free can be taken any time of day
  • Designed to optimize fat loss



Zinc Gluconate: A study published in 2013 in “Biological Trace Element Research” reports that over weight individuals tend to have lower levels of circulating zinc in their bodies. Therefore, boosting dietary zinc may benefit overweight and obese individuals. Another study published in 2013 in “Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin” found that over weight study subjects who consumed zinc supplements containing 30 milligrams of zinc gluconate daily had improved body mass indices, lost weight and showed improvements in triglyceride levels.


B6 & B12

Vitamin B6 can help with weight loss through a stimulating effect of the thyroid. This can be especially helpful for hormone balance in women when water retention is an issue

B12 plays a major role in a number of the body’s essential functions, including DNA synthesis and the formation of red blood cells. It also helps the body convert fats and proteins into energy 

6-paradol (Grains of Paradise) - Blood Sugar Regulation: In numerous studies, Grains of Paradise has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels via activation of brown fat. The steadier the blood sugar levels, the easier it is for the body to be able to utilize fat stores for energy. Another benefit of stable blood sugar levels is reduced cravings and fewer highs and lows in our energy levels throughout the day. It also has a thermogenic effect, Increasing Caloric Expenditure, by activating and increasing the activity of Brown Adipose Tissue it increases the body’s rate of which it burns calories.

Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate is patented chelate by Albion that has been shown to help improve overall cardiovascular health and strengthen the immune system. Chromium Chelate may also support weight control and increase overall energy levels. It has also been studied for its conversion of fats, sugars and proteins into energy and muscle.

 Lipase - A lipase is any enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of fats. Lipases perform essential roles in digestion, transport and processing of dietary lipids. Most lipases act at a specific position on the glycerol backbone of a lipid substrate. For example, human pancreatic lipase, which is the main enzyme that breaks down dietary fats in the human digestive system

 White Kidney Bean - White kidney bean extract is what is known as a carb blocker or starch blocker because it prevents our bodies from being able to digest and absorb carbohydrates. The enzyme known as amylase which is responsible for digesting starches and sugars is blocked from being produced by the white kidney bean extract so that the carbohydrates you eat are able to pass right through your body without being digested. Not only does this reduce your overall caloric intake throughout the day but it also prevents the indirect effect that carbs have on your insulin and blood glucose levels.

Magnesium Stearate - Magnesium helps the body digest, absorb, and utilize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

 Bitter melon - Bitter melon contains enzymes that break down fat into free fatty acids, thus reducing body fat. It also lowers the levels of enzymes required for fatty acid synthesis, resulting in lesser fat production.

Bitter melon stimulates the liver for secretion of bile juices, which aid in fat metabolism.

 Guggulsterones - Promotes an increase in thyroid function to improve metabolism, by improving digestion and by preventing the conversion of carbohydrates to triglycerides while reducing the cholesterol levels in the body.


Wakame 50% Fucoxanthin - Fucoxanthin, which is said to initiate the breakdown of the fats accumulated by the body's storing of unburned protein. Fucoxanthin can break apart the stored coupled-proteins within the fat cells and effectively turn the stored fat back into protein to be used by the body as energy. 


Cayenne Pepper - Cayenne stimulates the peristaltic motions of the intestines so it helps rebuild the tissue in the stomach and aids in the assimilation of nutrients. It’s not only rich in Vitamin C, A, and B, it’s also a wonderful source of vitamin E …and it helps to speed up the absorption of vitamin C and D.


Betaine HCl - Betaine Hydrochloric (HCl) is an organic component also known as hydrochloric acid.  HCl supplements optimize fat loss and digestion.  HCl helps to ensure our bodies have adequate stomach acid to allow foods to break down properly. The increase of the HCl levels in the stomach will improve the absorption of the essential nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin B9 and 12, Magnesium, Zinc, iron, Vitamin C and other antioxidant vitamins.

Better digestion and absorption of protein and nutrients will also support protein synthesis and the development of lean body mass, while helping us avoid deficiencies that can cause poor health and hinder weight loss attempts.

You will also likely find that an increased in HCl level will improve your sleep because your body is beginning to absorb all the minerals and vitamins it needs, which will affect your hormone and neurotransmitter levels. Not only will you no longer be deficient in nutrients that help with energy and give you stamina, but sleep will be more restorative. The combination will support body composition and fat loss. 

Acetyl-l-Carnitine - Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is a naturally-occurring micronutrient that delivers macro benefits for the human brain and body. Not only is it a powerful nootropic that can increase focus and enhance general cognition, ALCAR is also a potent neuroprotectant that fights physical and mental fatigue, promotes cardiovascular health,‍ and helps protect against the ravages of aging.

Acetyl carnitine is broken down in the blood into carnitine, which is used by the body to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria for breakdown.


Kelp (Iodine) - Sea kelp contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Taking sea kelp supplements has been linked to weight loss, boosting your cardiovascular health, and improving digestion. The high level of iodine in kelp means that it can also help address thyroid disorders.