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Advanced Thermogenic Fat Burner

  • Say "WOW" from the first single pill serve.*
  • Amazing "feel good" vibe.*
  • Helps shed excess water retention.*
  • A potent & long-lasting energy and focus.*
  • The strongest fat burner using mitochondrial uncoupling and lipolytic agents available on the market today.*

Thermadex is PNI’s serious fat-burner, and it has been carefully engineered using the most advanced and potent ingredients possible. 

You will say "WOW" from your very FIRST single-pill serving!

Thermadex is much more than just another “fatloss” clone. PNI have created an entirely new type of fat-burning product, designed to reflect the belief that:

  • A ‘fat-loss’ product should preferentially burn fat, while helping you hold on to your hard-earned muscle.
  • Stimulation is desirable, but over stimulation can be detrimental due to rebound effects & muscle catabolism.
  • For a fat-loss product to be extraordinarily effective, every lipolytic pathway needs to be targeted.


In keeping with principle , Thermadex selectively targets fat cells and destroys them without mercy, using every weapon at science’s disposal: It elevates UCP expression in white adipose tissue, directly hits alpha and beta adrenoreceptors, induces catecholamine release, activates thermogenesis-inducing vanilloid receptors, blocks PPAR-gamma, shifts the body’s preferential energy source from glycogen to free fatty acids, and inhibits cAMP breakdown.* To get into the details of how it manages to do all this, we’ll need to speak about the ingredients.

Higenamine has tremendous benefits when used as a pre workout supplement to help increase energy, improve focus, and enhance mental clarity. Unlike many other stimulants, it does not affect nitric oxide production and it does not constrict or dilate the veins. This can be quite useful for athletes, especially those engaged in weight training and other explosive type of sports since they can continue to see benefits from their nitric oxide supplements at the same time as using Higenamine .

There is also a lot of evidence to suggest that Higenamine acts as a fat burner. This chemical has traditional uses as a bronchodialtor and has a molecular structure and fat burning mechanism very similar to Ephedrine. Higenamine works by stimulating the activity of specific enzymes that boost the fat-burning effects and activity of chemical messengers involved in the metabolic process of burning adipose (fat) tissue. All of this suggests that Higenamine could be one of the best fat burning supplements available today .

Raspberry Ketones
Researchers found that supplementing with Raspberry ketones, may support hormone sensitive lipase (HSL), in the vesicles that fat cells use to store their fatty acids.* Raspberry ketones may help promote fat cells to mobilize and excrete their fatty acids, supporting healthy body composition.*

Bitter Orange Extract
Bitter Orange Extract contains phenethylamine alkaloids such as hordenine, synephrine, octopamine, methylsynephrine, tyramine, and N-methyl-tyramine. These compounds can release norepinephrine (ref), inhibit its reuptake (ref), activate alpha/beta receptors (ref,ref), and activate TAAR1 (ref). These amines don’t need much introduction, as they’re in just about every commercial ‘fat-loss’ product out there. None of them can hold a candle to their ancestor ephedrine, and they fall a little bit short as standalone fat-loss agents… but they can impart mental focus, energy, and even mild euphoria. For reasons of alpha/beta adrenoceptor stimulation, they also work extremely well with the other lipolytic and thermogenic ingredients in Thermodex. We use only the highest quality bitter orange extracts, standardized to 90% phenethylamine alkaolids.

Caffeine Citrate
Caffeine Citrate which has been shown to cross the blood brain barrier faster giving it faster onset and more initial punch and also will be using a higher standardized Citrus Aurantium which yields more of the active alkaloids.

Theobroma Cacoa Extract (Standardized for Theophyline)
Theophyline. This naturally occurring ingredient is found in Green Tea. Theophyline acts on cells by increase the cAMP or intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate. cAMP helps the cells make use of glucagon and adrenaline. If you want to increase a fat burning hormone in your body then focus on glucagon. It’s the hormone that tells the adipose tissues to release their fat stores! Usually, glucagon is released when you are going through periods of starvation or stress. Now you don’t need to be placed in stressful conditions just to get energy from your adipose tissues.

Thermadex Black Supplement Facts
As a Dietary supplement take 1 capsule on an empty stomach once or twice per day, Take at least 6 to 8 hours apart. to access tolerance, start with taking only 1 capsule per day.