Smartshake Revive

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A Smartshake Product

Unique Fruit Infuser V2 To Mix Fruit & Berries With Water!
  • 750 ml bottle w/ detachable storage compartment
  • Clear PP, BPA, & DEHP free & dishwasher & microwave safe
  • Easy to carry and hold thanks to the soft loop handle
  • Sharp spurs mix your favorite fruit & berries with water

A new star is born! The Smartshake Revive is the next generation of water bottles, easy to carry and hold thanks to the soft loop handle. It comes with the unique Fruit Infuser v2 that mixes fruits and berries with water for a delicious and healthy fruit water.

Born from a Swedish tradition of quality and design Smartshake offers innovative, leak-proof and nontoxic ways to carry and prepare your protein powders and shakes. Since starting in 2009, we have quickly become one of the world's premier shaker brands. And our journey has just begun.

Why So Smart?

Soft loop handle for easier carrying

Secure cap and lid ensure a leak proof seal

Shock absorbing rubber

Fruit infuser with sharp spurs mix your fruits and berries with water

Completely BPA and Dehp free, every smartshake is made of food grade approved materials

Detachable and stackable storage compartment for carrying powders, vitamins, supplements, snacks and more