Wizard Nutrition Fireblast Ultra V2 4 Capsules (Old Formula)

10/22 Dated

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Introducing Wizard Nutrition Fireblast Ultra v2, a revolutionary weight control formula designed for those seeking to fuel their fire and ignite the inferno within. This supercharged formula is loaded with cutting-edge compounds that deliver extraordinary levels of energy and support accelerated weight loss.

With Fireblast Ultra v2, you'll experience a sustained energy boost to carry you through the day, improved focus and a fantastic mood. The powerful thermogenics in the formula, such as PROGBB™ and Cocabuterol®, target stubborn fat to aid in weight loss, while Dandelion Leaf Extract supports detox.

The new and improved formula features new industry-leading ingredients such as Dynamine®, Infinergy™, Caffeine Citrate, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Juniper Berry Extract, which provide stable, long-lasting energy and focus.

This product is only for those who possess the strength to handle the extreme levels of power it offers, it is R18+ product and should not exceed more than one capsule per day. Ignite the fire within and set your barriers ablaze with Fireblast Ultra v2.


  • Sustained energy boost to carry you through the day
  • Improved focus
  • Supports weight loss
  • Enhances mood
  • Suppresses appetite
  • May support detox