Wizard Nutrition Fireblast Ultra v2 - 60 Capsules

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Please note this is not the same formula as the (First Version of Fireblast Ultra) - Hence it's V2 :)

**Read the FAQ Below for more informations

Wizard Nutrition Fireblast Ultra v2 (R18+) - Do not take more than one capsule per day. - Do not exceed.



FIREBLAST ULTRA is a supercharged weight control formula, loaded with cutting-edge compounds to yield extraordinary levels of energy and to support accelerated weight loss.

Only truly legendary wizards can handle these extreme levels of power. Those with the strength to control the inferno will incinerate every obstacle on their path to greatness.


Ignite the fire within and set your barriers ablaze with an incredible surge of long-lasting energy, relentless drive and a fantastic mood.


Target stubborn fat with red-hot thermogenics, supporting weight loss and aiding you on the journey towards your perfect body.


- Sustained energy boost to carry you through the day

- Helps you focus

- Supports weight loss

- May enhance your mood

- May suppress your appetite



How is it different to Fireblast Ultra v1?

The Fireblast Ultra v2 features a revamped ingredient profile, combining the best parts of the old formula with brand new, industry-leading ingredients.

What are the new ingredients?

The new formula features Dynamine®, Infinergy™, Caffeine Citrate, Green Coffee Bean Extract & Juniper Berry Extract to provide stable, long-lasting energy and focus.

New additions also include PROGBB™ & Cocabuterol®, powerful thermogenics to support weight loss, and Dandelion Leaf Extract, a mild diuretic which may support detox.


Fireblast Ultra

Wizard Nutrition Fireblast Ultra V2 – review by Anonymous
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  • Flavour
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  • Effectiveness

Made me feel like crap... No energy, just sweating.

Wizard Nutrition Fireblast Ultra V2 – review by Anonymous
  • Flavour
  • Formula
  • Effectiveness

Version 1 worked way better for me. Somuch energy, great cognitive function. Could be different for each individual but I was so disappointed with the effect compared to version 1.

This version 2 takes longer to kick in, and when it does, you are a pool of sweat.Gives you a boost of energy but that's about it. So for that reason, it's not nice to take on a non-working out day.

Version 1 you could take it on your non training days too without ending up in a pool of sweat!