Wizard Nutrition Thunderstorm Pre-workout V2

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​ThunderStorm is a powerful pre-workout concoction, precisely formulated by the alchemists at Wizard Nutrition to bolster the abilities of wizards around the world. Due to a decline in the wizard population, THUNDERSTORM is now available to the general public in the hope of unlocking hidden potential and discovering a new generation of gifted and talented wizards​

That's not all; we understand there's amazing energy, but you've got to control the lighting which is why we've included Bioperine, Taurine, Juniper Berry Extract, Fulvic Acid, & L-Tyrosine.Also, what's the lightning without the Thunder? We've got you covered with a good dose of Agmatine & betaine, plus a high dose of beta alanine for endurance.​


  • Amazing Energy
  • Crazy Nitric Oxide Pumps
  • Mood Elevation
  • Promote Circulation To Your Muscles
  • Assist In Increasing Strength

Thunderstorm Pre-Workout - Version 2 (PRE-ORDER NOW)

 Hands down the best ‘Version 2’ pre-workout we’ve ever tried!


Every wizard knows that adaptation is the key to survival, and their daily potions are no exception. The alchemists at Wizard Nutrition have spent six months thoroughly researching and perfecting methods to increase the potency and palatability of the original THUNDERSTORM complex.

The resulting concoction marks a revolution in pre-workout supplements. With sensational new flavours and mind-bending energy and endurance, THUNDERSTORM v2 is not just an improved formula; it’s a game-changer.


Masterfully brewed, and an unparalleled pleasure to drink.To enhance the taste of THUNDERSTORM, the alchemists commissioned the best flavour wizards (in the known universe) to produce three brand-new flavours: Cola, Mango and Blue Raspberry.


THUNDERSTORM v2 is a fine-tuned recipe that both streamlines and surpasses the effects of the original formula, all without DMHA. The new additions, Cymbidium Goeringii Extract, Juniper Berry Extract, TeaCrine® 40% and Fulvic Acid work harmoniously with the other ingredients to provide intense stimulation, prolonged endurance and a feel-good effect second to none.

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