Is Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass a good choice?

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Is Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass a good choice?

Gaining muscle mass and size can be a challenge when not approached and considered the most methodical way. Gaining muscle doesn't mean that you should spend all day snacking on cookies and cakes to overload on empty, unbeneficial calories - you need to consider the intake, range and quality of foods and supplements. After all, not all calories are created equal; there are healthy ways to gain weight and still improve your health.

This is where mass gainers supplements come into the equation. There are a large range of mass gainers or high-calorie supplements on the market that contain high levels of protein and carbohydrates, and Optimum Nutrition's Serious Mass is one of them. So, what makes it so popular and sets it apart from the rest?


Serious Mass Overview

So, your goal is to improve muscle mass and size. With so many protein powder formulas available on the market, it can be extremely confusing to choose the right one for you! This is where we need to look at important features of a protein powder formula that can help us evaluate and decide whether it's the right choice.

When it comes to muscle building, you need a concrete plan for carbohydrate, fat and protein intake, and Optimum Nutrition's Serious Mass is a great option to meet these macronutrients. Serious Mass is the ultimate muscle-building and weight gain formula, featuring 1,250 calories per 2-scoop serving, 50g of protein to support muscle recovery, and tons of other nutrients, which makes this powder the ideal post-workout and between meal shake for sizing up your goals.

It's not just about protein though - Serious Mass contains 252-254g of carbohydrates per serving, which means it'll help to fuel your workouts. Serious Mass also contains 3g of creatine monohydrate to support the development of lean muscle mass and strength. Plus, it's packed with 25 vitamins and essential minerals to help give your body the support it needs to thrive. With Serious Mass, you'll be able to fuel your workouts so that you can build muscle mass more efficiently than ever before, when combined with regular progressive overload strength training.


How to take Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

There are several ways to take Serious Mass in conjunction with a calculated training schedule to see mass results:

  • Breakfast

If you don't want to eat a large amount of food first thing, drinking a mass gainer shake can help provide you with the breakfast calories you need and set you up for a healthy day where you’re not tempted to reach for less healthy snacks mid-morning! This is also good if you are in a rush or if you don’t have enough time to prepare a breakfast meal as you can just simply mix it with water and take it on the go.

  • In between meals

Another option to support mass gaining goals is to take Serious Mass in between meals to overload your macros. This product contains 1,250 calories per serving, which will give you an additional source of calories to augment your normal intake during regular meals. In conjunction with a calculated training schedule, the extra calories will be converted into muscle mass to develop a noticeable difference in size and strength. It is also in liquid form and easy to consume when taken between meals because it does not compete with space in your stomach in the same way that food does.

  • Post-workout

Post-workout, your body needs both carbs and protein to refuel efficiently and replenish the energy expended during the workout. When you’re looking to gain weight especially, focusing on post-workout intake is incredibly important! Serious Mass provides an easy and convenient post-workout solution, supplying both the necessary carbohydrate and protein and coming with the bonus of essential nutrients. It takes the guesswork out of getting that post-workout meal right, ensuring optimal replacement of glycogen stores and repair of muscle tissue

  • Before going to bed

One of the most important things you can do when you’re working hard to build muscle and want to maximize your results is to take a protein shake prior to bed. By taking a protein shake before you go to sleep you ensure your body has a steady stream of the nutrients it needs overnight to recover effectively from a workout and prevent any muscle breakdown. Faster recovery makes it easy to get back into the gym to work hard again, your likelihood of muscle soreness is reduced, and you’ll see those gains faster! 



Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is a great mass gainer even for the most advanced athlete. It's packed with calories, has a ton of carbs, and provides a quality dose of protein. And it tastes pretty good too. Formulated by Optimum Nutrition, a leader in quality supplements using quality ingredients, Serious Mass is a product you can trust to benefit you. Results may vary from one person to another but your body will get the nutrients it needs for better gains and muscle development alongside the right training plan.

If you're serious about gaining weight, Serious Mass is serious about helping you reach that goal.


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