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Prime Energy in New Zealand: What You Need to Know

You may have heard the buzz about Prime Energy, the sensational new energy and hydration drink range. It's been making waves across the globe, and for a good reason. But what exactly is Prime Energy, and why has it captured the attention of so many?

A Star-Studded Beginning Prime Energy isn't just another drink on the shelf. It is the brainchild of two YouTube giants - Logan Paul and KSI. With the power of their immense online following, it's no surprise that Prime Energy has become such a sought-after beverage.

What's Inside Prime Hydration Formula? More than just a refreshing drink, Prime Hydration delivers a blend of ingredients designed for optimal hydration and energy. It boasts a unique combination of Coconut Water, BCAAs + B Vitamins, and Antioxidants + Electrolytes.

But what about the energy range? While the hydration formula focuses on revitalizing your body, the energy variant offers the buzz and kick you'd expect from a top-tier energy drink.

Is Prime Illegal in NZ? Given its international origin and skyrocketing popularity, many New Zealanders are asking, "Is Prime Energy legal in NZ?" Rest assured, we offer the Australian compliant version of Prime Energy, ensuring it fully adheres to NZ regulations. Importantly, we do not stock the USA version, which isn't compliant in New Zealand. Additionally, it's crucial for consumers to be aware that the Energy drink variant is rated R16.

Availability in New Zealand Now, addressing the burning question – "Is Prime drink available in New Zealand?" Absolutely! We are thrilled to distribute both Prime Energy and Prime Hydration across our 20 dedicated stores in New Zealand. And for those preferring online shopping, we've got you covered.

Why is Prime so Expensive? Considering the global demand, there's a significant cost attached to bringing Prime Energy and Hydration to our shelves. We aim to provide only the best, and due to the soaring demand, the price reflects the popularity of these products.

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