Blackstone Labs Dust V2 Pre-Workout

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  • 25 Insane Scoops, (Don't Use more than one the first time)
  • World Wide Amazing Reviews Including the NZ Beta Testers
  • Unqiue Stimulant Profile (Not Seen in NZ Before)
  • Nitric Oxide Booster
  • Long lasting focus & energy


Are you using a Pre-Workout and it's not really giving you the perfect kick? Tired of the old standard run of the mill products... Then Dust V2 Is perfect for you.

Please note this product is R18 And Is not suited to those who are new to pre-workouts.


Begin with taking half a scoop and increase to a full scoop 30 minute prior to training, this product is quite intense so if you're senstive to stimulants don't go straight to one scoop.