Ways to get more protein in your diet

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If you’re struggling to increase the amount of protein in your diet, you’re not alone! Many people find it hard to consume just how much your body actually needs. The following list is here to help you increase your protein intake! Remember to always check with your healthcare proffessional/doctor.

High protein breakfast: swap out the cereal or white toast for a protein rich meal; A great way to increase your protein intake is through eggs. Try having scrambled eggs with spinach and tomato, you can also add feta for added protein and flavour (not too much though!) If you prefer a more sweeter start to your day an easy go to is chia seeds and oats with almond milk and fruit. This is a great base which you can switch up the flavors by adding in different fruits and nuts. My favorite is mango, raspberries (both I purchase frozen) and shredded coconut.

Canned tuna: Now this isn’t for everyone, but its a great source of protein, omega 3 fats and is super convenient especially when you’ve got a busy day. Dress it up by having it on top of a bed of leafy greens, mixed in with vegetables like avocado, tomato and onion; add more flavour with some almonds or serve the tuna on rice crackers for a quicker snack.

Peanut butter: Delicious to eat, high in protein and good fats! I use peanut butter as a way to jazz up snacks. Celery with peanut butter and raisins is a good easy snack to have on hand or apple pieces dipped in peanut butter. If you’re wanting to consume a lower fat peanut butter have you considered powdered peanut butter? Check out Macro Mike’s powdered peanut butter for an alternative Macro Mike PB+. Making a peanut sauce from powdered peanut butter for a dinner option, decreases some of the fats and calories usually found in a traditional peanut sauce.

Protein shakes: Finding yourself a protein powder that you can have by itself just with water and then being able to make it into a smoothie is even better. If you do have a blender, adding in frozen banana, seeds and nuts is a great way to also increase your protein count. Check out the PVL range and there awesome sports whey!

Weekend healthy treat: Protein pancakes are an awesome alternative to regular pancakes without the processed sugars and carbohydrates. Set aside a time each weekend to make your protein pancakes with some fresh fruit and greek yohgurt; this has become a small ritual that I look forward to each week.

Cottage cheese is your friend: A high protein option which comes packed with vitamin b12 and calcium but also low in fat, is a great option to have a go to on those days that you just cant be bothered. Chop up some celery and scoop out some cottage cheese, simple!

Quinoa: Get out of the habit of bulking up meals with rice or pasta and try switching it out for quinoa! Providing more protein and fibre than a cup of white rice, quinoa is a handy high protein meal bulking ingredient to start using. Try a piece of grilled fresh fish with roasted vegetables on a bed of quinoa.

Greek yohgurt: Swap out standard yohgurt which is usually fruit flavored and come loaded with extra sugar for greek yohgurt; higher in protein and lower in sugar. You can also stir in a scoop of protein powder and chop up some fresh fruit to make a sweet treat.

I’ve found that being organised is what works best for me, plan out your meals in advance and buy your ingredients ahead of time to help you stay on track. I hope these eight tips can help you on your own personal journey!

Always check with your healthcare proffessional/doctor first!

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